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Dari 2,000 penduduk, 12 saja dengar YB Aiskrim@Jamban

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Blog Suara Ampang mengisahkan sini YB Aiskrim @Jamban menjanjikan pelbagai janji manis ketika PRU12 untuk mebantu kes 2000 pembeli rumah terbengkalai di Ulu Kelang. Janji punya janji batang hidung pun tak nampak.

Apa lagi bila sebut sahaja YB Jamban nak datang maka berpusu-pusulah dan berduyun-duyun penduduk lari meninggal tapak lawatan kerana sudah meluat dan mungkin juga tidak mahu menyokong mereka yang mengamal seks bebas

Dilaporkan yang terbaru lawatan Timbalan Presiden PKR ke sebuah surau di kawasan Bukit Antarabangsa hanya 12 orang sahaja yang datang ke majlis tersebut dikawasan perumahan yang mempunyai penduduk hampir 2000 orang. Yang sebetulnya hanya 6 orang penduduk dan bakinya adalah pencacai-pencacai termasuk YB Jamban.

Adehhhh... lawatan yang serupa dahulu ke kawasan yang sama hanya 20 orang sahaja yang datang ke majlis dirasmikan YB Jamban, kali ini 12 orang sahaja. Apa dah jadi YB Jamban? Ada sabotaj ker?

Penulis blog pro pembangkang pun dah fed-up:

Open letter to Azmin Ali ADUN BA & MP Gombak

by rights2write
Dear YB Azmin Ali

I do hope this letter finally reaches you through your political network one way or another. My aim is to highlight to you our frustration of the level of service (disservice) from you as an elected MP/ADUN.

The purpose of me writing to you is to remind you that we the people who elected you expect some service. Right now that is sorely missing. As ADUN of BA I expect you to play your part to raise important issues related to BA people in the Dewan or to the State Government. It is the same as for being the MP of Gombak.

What is probably most frustrating is that I sent you several SMS, an email and on twitter asking you to raised some questions relating to the usage of the power of the minister in protecting purchaser interest in Parliament. I did not get any respond from you. Is it so difficult?

Please tell me whom have you seen or what have you done to help your constituents in resolving the abandon housing issues? Your own political party members in BA are the victims of the same project. Please tell me how many minutes of your time that you have spent to help the fate of 2000 property purchasers in Ulu Kelang.

Sumber : The Unspinner


mohd. natar 20 June 2012 at 00:26  

... It is a pleasure to read your letter to YB Azmin Ali.

Don't blame him for being unable to do anything good for your area. He is indeed a very busy man after being elected as your representative. He doesn't even have a little time to pay a visit to his ailing mother. Even to his own mother, a lady who brought him into this world he could turn his back on, what is there for his constituency?.

The only person to blame is yourself for electing him to be your representative...

dewi_sue 21 June 2012 at 11:31  

Mohd. natar,
Indeed...your comment 2 thumbs up!!

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